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Saskia Weitkamp


Geochemistry group

Student Assistant

M.Sc. Student

Malteserstr. 74-100
Room 241, Building B
12249 Berlin

Research Interests

Igneous and differentiation processes in the Earth´s mantle and other terrestrial planets.

In more detail: element fractionation, geochronology, geodynamic evolution of ophiolites

Master thesis "Highly siderophile element and 187Os variations across the CM1 crust-mantle transition in the Semail ophiolite (Oman)" Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Harry Becker & Prof. Dr. Esther Schwarzenbach

Work experience:




Field work (min. 10 days)

2020: Geodynamic evolution of the Al Hajar Mountains, Oman (Semail Ophiolite)

2019: Mineralogy, petrology & geodynamic evolution of Corsica, France

2018: Geodynamic evolution of the volcanic islands Tenerife and Gran Canaria, Spain

          Advanced geological mapping in the Okshtunit Window, Albania

2017: Mineralogical & petrological field studies of the Fichtel Mountains, Germany

2016: Geodynamic evolution of Brittany, France

          Geological mapping in the Nock Mountains (Alps), Austria