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Frequently asked questions

Do I need a visa to enter the Kyrgyz Republic?

  • All foreign nationals, except nationals of the following countries, are required to have a visa: Azerbaijan Republic, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Byelorussia, Georgia, Republic of Kazakhstan, Korean Democratic People’s Republic, Republic of Cuba, Malaysia (with official and tourist purpose up to one month), Republic of Moldova, Mongolia (up to three months), Russian Federation, Socialistic Republic of Vietnam, Republic of Tajikistan, Turkish Republic (up to one month), Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Japan

  • Nationals holding all types of passports of the following countries may obtain Kyrgyz Visas in the overseas missions and consular offices within the Republic on their personal request for the period up to one month, and are exempted from registration with the law enforcement agencies: Australia, Austrian Republic, Kingdom of Belgium, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Federative Republic of Germany, Greek Republic, Kingdom of Denmark, State of Israel, Ireland Republic, Republic of Iceland, Kingdom of Spain, Italian Republic, Canada, Republic of Cyprus, Republic of Korea, Duchy of Liechtenstein, Great Duchy of Luxembourg, Republic of Malta, Duchy of Monaco, Kingdom of Netherlands, Kingdom of Norway, New Zealand, Portugal Republic, United States of America, Finland Republic, French Republic, Swiss Confederation, Kingdom of Sweden. These nationalities can also obtain a visa on arrival at Bishkek's Manas international airport.

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How do the visas will be organized?

  • All participants requiring a visa have to apply for visa by themselves.

  • The organizers will request at the Federal Foreign Office of Germany for a verbal note addressed to the consulate of the Kyrgyz Embassy In Germany for issuing visas free of charge for German citizens. Equipped with this verbal note, German citizens may apply for issuing the necessary visa free of charge in FRG.

How will the journeys be organized?

From Europe, North America, Australia

  • The organizers offer to organize the flight tickets for you accordingly to your demands (travel dates, airports) and to our financial scope.

  • In case you organize your journey by yourself, please provide the original copy of the receipts, boarding passes etc. at the reception desk in Bishkek. We will pay out the amount of your travel expenditures.

From Russian Federation, Central Asia, Middle East

  • Please organize your journey on your own. Please inform us in advance and before booking about the estimated price of your ticket.

  • Please provide the original copy of the receipts, boarding passes etc. at the reception desk in Bishkek. We will reimburse your travel expenditures.

May additional project representatives not registered in advance participate at the conference?

  • Unfortunately, this is not possible. We already fully exploit the capacity of the venue facilities.