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Geographies of Global Inequalities

Geographies of Global Inequalities provides research and teaching in the field of Geographical Development Studies. The paradigm of the developed Global North and the developing/underdeveloped Global South has been fundamentally challenged over the last decades: by geopolitical shifts and by a destabilisation of the idea of an industrialised modernity through climate change and the decline in resources. Further, decolonial movements have been questioning existing hierarchies in development and the epistemological models that underwrites them. On the other hand, global inequalities are deepening and many contemporary challenges can only be meaningfully addressed through global cooperation and critical engagement with development debates and practices. The research group is concerned with the spatialisation of global inequalities and the conditions of social transformation, especially in the thematic areas of naturecultures, planetary health and environmental justice. Our work is located in the interdisciplinary field of feminist and postcolonial science and technology studies, more-than-human geography/multispecies ethnography and global health. As a working group, we value collaboration, exchange and are committed to a caring academic environment.



Freie Universität Berlin
Department of Earth Sciences
Institute of Geographical Sciences
Human Geography

Center for Geographies of Global Inequalities

Campus Lankwitz, building K, room K 180

Malteserstrasse 74-100

D- 12 249 Berlin

Sekretariat: Sandra Cacciarru

Tel.: 030 - 838 66644

Fax: 030 - 838 458649

E-Mail: sandra.cacciarru@fu-berlin.de