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Transformation Processes in the Eastern Pamirs of Tajikistan. The presence and future of energy resources in the framework of sustainable development

Energy consumption in high mountain regions is comparatively high and has often to be generated locally. Therefore the energetic sector occupies a central position. The research project in the Eastern Pamirs aims at understanding the role of energetic resources as a local benefit and in relation to societal interests and economic requirements. The availability of energetic resources, their accessibility and their consumption patterns will be interpreted from different perspectives.

Interdisciplinary enquiry will reveal information on distribution and regeneration of local energy resources of the study area as well as human utilisation patterns.  A model of energetic flows is envisaged as the basis for our understanding of present and future challenges to survival in high mountain plateaux with challenging environmental conditions.

Further Reading: Kraudzun, T. und C. Samimi (2012): Energieversorgung im Pamir – Herausforderungen einer nachhaltigen Versorgung. Zentralasien-Analysen 57, S. 9-15.