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Lectures by Prof. Dr. H. Kreutzmann

List of different lectures by Prof. Dr. Hermann Kreutzmann in April and June 2012

News from Jul 04, 2012

23.06.2012 International Symposium 'Mountain environments and man: sustainability in changing environments', Tokyo

Keynote lecture: Adaption to changing environments in the Himalayas: Hindukush - Pamir - Karakoram                          

27.06.2012 Nihon University, Tokyo

Pastoral practices in High Asia. Recent transformations in mountain pastoralism

28.06.2012 Nihon University, Tokyo

Water towers of humankind in High Asia

24.04.2012 Regional Workshop: Landless mobile pastoralists. Securing their role as custodians of Northern Pakistan's mountains. Islamabad

Pastoral practices in Hindukush and Karakoram-structures and transitions