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INCREASE project: transdisciplinary exchange on natural hazards and integrated disaster risk management in Central Asia

News from Jun 13, 2024

From June 2-11, some colleagues from the transdisciplinary INCREASE project traveled to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan to exchange insights with local experts on natural hazards and integrated disaster risk management. It was a thrilling and inspiring journey, fostering mutual learning across disciplines and countries to enhance knowledge and action in the face of natural hazards and disaster risks. 

A special note of gratitude is extended to the staff of Central Asian Institute for Applied Geosciences (CAIAG) and National Academy of Science Republic of Kazakhstan (NAS RK) for their excellent support and hospitality! 

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Workshop with local experts at CAIAG (Kyrgystan); Source: Siefker, 2024.

Visiting hazard sites at Ala-Archa Nature Park with CAIAG colleagues; Source: Siefker, 2024.

Meeting with officials from ministries in Astana, Kazakhstan; Source: Siefker, 2024.

Meeting with NAS; Source: Siefker, 2024.

Visiting Medeu anti-mudflow dam with NAS colleagues; Source: Siefker, 2024.

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