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The KFS at the WDR5 Town Talk: Preparing for War - What Lies Ahead?

News from May 31, 2024

On May 23, 2024, Dr. Cordula Dittmer was a guest at the WDR5 Town Talk in Münster. In the debate about the closure of a military training area that previously served the population as a recreational area, the KFS was able to contribute by highlighting the changing situation in the field of crises and disasters. The security of Germany has been threatened not only since the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine but also by many other situations (refugee movements, the pandemic, extreme heavy rainfall events in 2021) that have shaken the belief that one no longer needs to worry about their own resilience both internally and externally.

Available online at Stadtgespräch: Üben für den Kriegsfall - Was kommt da auf uns zu? - Stadtgespräch - Sendungen - WDR 5 - Radio - WDR

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