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New DRU Working Paper on the Pandemic: "Lessons to learn" by Prof. Dr. Martin Voss

News from Jul 07, 2021

The German civil protection system has evolved and proven itself in many areas over the decades, but it has had some serious weaknesses even before the Corona pandemic. The working paper outlines "lessons to learn" from a researcher's perspective: To this end, it first discusses the initial situation and covers 2. the protection goal of civil protection, 3. societies in transition and changing hazards, 4. strengths and weaknesses of civil protection in Germany, and 5. needs for reform. Chapter 6, the main part of this report, then presents concrete conclusions with "lessons to learn." The report ends with a proposal for a "National Research Center Resilience and Population Protection."

Voss, Martin (2021): Lessons to learn: Zustand und Zukunft des Bevölkerungsschutzes in Deutschland vor dem Hintergrund der Corona-Pandemie. KFS Working Paper Nr. 20. Berlin: Katastrophenforschungsstelle. Download. DOI: 10.17169/refubium-30954

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