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Project launch INCREASE: "Inclusive and Integrated Multi-Hazard Risk Management and Engagement of Volunteers to INCREASE Societal Resilience in Times of Changing Climates".

News from Apr 07, 2021

As the latest research project of DRU, the BMBF-funded INCREASE collaborative project started in February 2021. The DRU coordinates the cooperations of the consortium, which comprises about 20 partner institutions from science, technology and practice in Iran and Germany.

The main objective is to promote scalable, multi-sectoral, multi-stakeholder, and risk-sensitive emergency and disaster risk management (DRM) in both countries. In addition to analyzing and assessing hazards and risks, as well as underlying social and cultural contextual conditions, adaptation and transformation capabilities for urban resilience are strengthened. A comparative approach intensifies a long-term exchange and mutual learning on all levels between German and Iranian actors in the field of DRM.

In the sub-project "Integrated Disaster Risk Management (IDRM) and Increasing the Resilience of the Population in Iran and Germany in Times of Covid-19 and Climate Change", DRU analyzes the socio-cultural risk conditions and specific resiliences and vulnerabilities within Iranian society. Taking into account changing climates - social, political and meteorological - a scalable framework for IDRM is developed. The bilateral cooperation is also understood as a contribution to improved disaster management in the sense of the UN-Sendai Agreement.

The kick-off meeting took place online on March 9, 2021 with the support of ministerial representatives from Iran and Germany as well as the project executing agency DLR.

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