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New article „Disasters in the ‘Abode of Gods’ – Vulnerabilities and Tourism in the Indian Himalaya” published

News from Feb 19, 2021

The article „Disasters in the ‘Abode of Gods’ – Vulnerabilities and Tourism in the Indian Himalaya” by Danie F. Lorenz und Cordula Dittmer has been published in the International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction.


In June 2013, the “Himalayan Tsunami” occured in the Indian Himalayas. Heavy rain triggered a lake outburst flood, landslides and flash floods. An estimated several thousand people were killed, mainly around the Hindu temple in Kedarnath, and the tourist infrastructure between four Hindu temples was massively destroyed along with the source of income it had provided for the local population. This article addresses the nexus of tourism, vulnerabilities and disasters and analyzes its manifestations during and after the events of 2013. What role did tourism play in the disaster as a driver of social vulnerability during and especially after the events of 2013? To answer this research question, the paper describes the historical development of tourism in the region, tourism-related vulnerabilities and their actualization by the “Himalayan Tsunami” and in the process of reconstruction. The research shows that the disaster continues years after its supposed end due to tourism-related vulnerabilities, and the significance of secondary effects of the disaster threatens livelihoods more than the immediate events.


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