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DRU contributions to the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction

News from Oct 13, 2020

Every year, October 13th marks the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction. The aim of this day, which is proclaimed by the UN General Assembly, is to promote disaster risk reduction globally in line with the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 and thus to reduce losses of human life, livelihoods and health. With its diverse research projects, the KFS makes research contributions to these goals.

In close cooperation with relevant disaster management stakeholders, the Involve project analyzed the vulnerabilities of people affected by floods and heat waves in India and Germany and how their resilience to manage disaster risk could be strengthened. Some results of the project.

The BePal project is working out lessons learned from the current COVID-19 pandemic for DRR and thus contributes to an increase of the overall societal resilience and national disaster risk management in case of long term transborder crises. More about the project.

Analyzing the refugee situation in Europe in 2015/16, the WAKE project will develop recommendations for disaster management to increase its ability to deal with humanitarian emergencies in the future. To this end, the coherence of planning and the governance at the national level and in international humanitarian aid will be examined in particular. More about the project.

In the WEXICOM project, the DRU is investigating how risk information can be communicated to the population in the event of warnings of extreme weather events, taking into account different interests, needs and usage habits. The project thus contributes to the reduction of disaster risks by reducing vulnerability. Some results of the project.

The RESIK project investigates planning, communication and work processes in case of emergencies in health infrastructures. The aim is to support health care facilities at national and international level, such as hospitals, in their planning for DRR and especially flood events. More about the project.