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Daniel F. Lorenz and Cordula Dittmer at NEEDS2019 in Uppsala

News from Jun 17, 2019

Daniel F. Lorenz and Cordula Dittmer participated with two presentations and a panel at this year's NEEDS conference from 10.6.-12.6.2019 in Uppsala, Sweden.

In the panel "Institutional learning in times of increased refugee movements and humanitarian crises", which was organised in cooperation with the Chair of Public Safety and Emergency Management, Bergische Universität Wuppertal (Dr. Patricia Schütte and Malte Schönefeld), various projects were presented and discussed, which dealt with the refugee situation 2015/16 in the European context of civil protection. Under the title "Frictions between INGOs, national authorities and the EU in the refugee and migrant crisis in Greece" the DRU presented results of the case study in Greece. The second presentation "Disasters in the 'Abode of Gods' - Tourism, Vulnerabilities and Calamities in the Indian Himalaya" discussed the impact of tourism in coping with the "Himalayan Tsunami" from 2013 to the present.