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Cordula Dittmer und Daniel F. Lorenz conduct field research in Greece

News from Mar 11, 2019

From January 28th til Febuary 11th 2019, Cordula Dittmer and Daniel F. Lorenz from the DRU conducted field research in Greece (northern Greece/Thessaloniki, Lesvos, Athens). 26 expert interviews were held with various actors (DG ECHO, ASB, MDM, MSF, IRC, UNHCR, DRC, OXFAM, DG HOME, BAMF, Volunteer Organisations) to discuss the developments from 2014 to 2019. Connections were made thereby to the first phase of field research in August 2017 in northern Greece, where initial interviews were conducted with the ASB and NRC, among others. Extensive observations were also made within refugee camps, especially on Lesvos (Kara Tepe).