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The department contributes to the curriculum of the programs B.Sc. Geographical Sciences and M.Sc. Geography, as well as the former diploma degree and school teacher programs which are being phased out.

In addition to the teaching of different human geography topics, the aim of our courses is the training of students in methodological and gender competence, especially in the area of qualitative and participatory methods. We seek to foster the skills of our graduates for occupations in the areas of development and planning, as well as for advanced geographical development research.

"Introduction to Human Geography" (B.Sc.) and "Participatory Methods" (M.Sc.) are the core courses of their respective programs and are taught by Prof. Dr. Dörte Segebart. In addition, the following courses were given in recent semesters: "Geography of Rural Areas", "Institutions for Development Cooperation in Europe", "Methods of Regional Development", "Decentralization in Developing Countries", "Gender and Conflict Research Using the Example of Afghanistan", "Problems and Potential of Regional Development in Brandenburg", "Gender in Geographical Development Research/Development Cooperation Using the Example of China", "Tools of Gender Sensitive Planning", and others.


Complete list of courses (German)