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M.A. Lucie Matting

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Lucie completed her Master of Sociocultural Studies at the Europa-Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder). For her master’s research, she investigated the urban transformations in Rio de Janeiro in the context of two sporting megaevents. For this research she was awarded a Scholarship from the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. Her findings are based on eight months of study at the IPPUR/UFRJ in Brasil, and the field research she conducted while living in the Favela Santa Marta in Rio de Janeiro.


Teaching and Research Experiences

Lucie has taught students studying for their bachelor's degree in Culture Science at the Europa-Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder), including such interdisciplinary themes and topics as linguistics and social geography. She has taught research in urban sociology and urban politics in seminars and tutorials.

Since 2009, her focus has been on the appropriation of urban spaces, squatters movements in Paris, France, and Caracas, Venezuela. She received a Scholarship of Promos for her bachelor thesis on Venezuela in 2011.

As a trainer for critical education and advanced training, she has conducted different workshops and events in the Helle Panke e.V.


Areas of specialisation


- urban politics

- gentrification

- migration

- comparative social science and linguistics

- Specific country experience: Brazil, France, Kenya, Venezuela

Conferences and Publications

Matting, L. (2012) „Los Sin Techos – Hausbesetzung im Sozialismus des 21. Jahrhunderts. LAF (Latin America Research) Annual Conference. Austria. June 2, 2012.

Matting, L. (2012) „Der Jüdische Friedhof. Berlin-Mitte.“ In Blattner A. M., et. al., eds., Berlin. Stadt. Religion.: Einblicke in experimentelle Untersuchungen vonStadt-räumen. Berlin: epubli.

Matting, L. (2013) „Los Sin Techos. Beobachtungen und Gespräche mit Hausbesetzer_innen in Caracas.“ In Azzellini D., et. al., eds., Caracas sozialisierende Stadt. Berlin: metro zones 12.

Matting, L. (being prepared). „Die Stadt im Ausnahmezustand. Mega-gentrifizierung in Rio de Janeiro und Raumproduktion im Kontext urbaner Transformationen in der Favela Santa Marta.“


Gesprächskreis „Stadtpolitik“, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung

Arbeitskreis „Linke Metropolenpolitik“ und „Lateinamerika“, Hellen Panke e.V.

Kolloquium „Perspektiven kritischer Stadtforschung“, TU Berlin