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Lisa Höntzsch

lisa höntzsch
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Student Assistant





Research Assistant

Workgroup Globalisation, Transformation, Gender

Freie Universität Berlin



Seit 2017


Deutschlandstipendium, scholarship

Freie Universität Berlin





Research period in Benares, India

Research paper: Religious conversion as a strategy. An examination of Dalit Christians and their endeavour to escape social marginalisation.

Centre for Development Studies


Freie Universität Berlin



Seit 2016


M.Sc. Development Geography

Freie Universität Berlin



2015 bis 2016


Amazoonico Rescue Center, Napo, Ecuador

weltwärts voluntary service



2014 bis 2015


Research department at Albert-Schweitzer-Stiftungfür unsere Mitwelt, Berlin

fields: environment and politics



2013 bis 2014


Conception and organisation of lecture series on human-animal-relation

Technische Universität Dresden



2013 bis 2014



Environmental initiative of Technische Universität Dresden (TUUWI)





ATFAL National Project (AIESEC)

Marrakech, Morocco






Project Conserve (AIESEC)

Manipal and Mangalore, India




2010 bis 2014


B.A. Political Science and Humanities (Sociology/History)

Technische Universität Dresden




Research interests:

-value chains in agricultural production in Tanzania

-Dalits, marginalization, social migration and conversion in India

-Human rights in development cooperation

-gold-extractivismo in Peru (social effects and the role of development cooperation)