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Colloquium 26th January, 2021

News from Jan 21, 2021


Asel Murzakulova (University of Central Asia in Bishkek (Kirgistan), Mountain Societies Research Institute)


Rural Migration in Kyrgyzstan: dynamics and challenges


The development of Kyrgyzstan reveals two important trends: declining agricultural production and a steady increase of remittances from labor migration. These trends suggest a transformative effect of migration, negating an overly simplistic investment effect of financial remittances on long standing livelihood activities. Although many studies agree that labor migration contributes to poverty reduction in rural Kyrgyzstan, only little attention has been paid so far to the question: What effect does migration have on rural development? This lecture provides an overview and synthesis of the main trends in the study of migration processes in rural Kyrgyzstan. In this lecture I will discuss three contexts of migration impact: I) agriculture and migration; II) the social effects of migration and the transformation of traditional society, and; III) the impact of pandemics on migration outlook.

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