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Books and e-books

The library portal Primo is a modern library catalog and provides access to local and external resources such as books, e-books, journals - but also journal articles, book chapters or digital objects from the holdings of the FU Libraries and from a mega index with over 4 billion records.

The focus of the data in the Article+ megaindex is currently on English-language technical literature. A total of about 55,000 journals from more than 50 providers are indexed (cf: Liste der  im Suchraum Artikel+ des Bibliotheksportals Primo aktivierten Ressourcen  as pdf file).

Books in the library portal Primo

The search for books can be done in the Bibliotheksportal Primo filtered out by using the filters/facets "books" - for e-books in combination with "online resources".

In the FU Catalog & Article+ search space, licensed e-books, but also books with free access from the Primo Index Article+ are found, which originate, for example, from institutional repositories, open access platforms. For parts of the book inventory, book chapters can be found if there is corresponding metadata on the part of the publishers in the Primo Index Article+.

If a book is not available at Freie Universität, it can be ordered via interlibrary loan or suggested for purchase.

Download e-books

Members of the FU Berlin and authorized users are permitted to conduct searches for themselves and to copy a selection of the researched data (e.g. bibliographic records including abstracts, journal articles, full texts or excerpts thereof) into their working memory (cf.: Terms of Use of E-Resources).

Download and print options vary depending on the provider.


Please note that in the case of e-book collections, it is usually not the entire collection that is licensed, but only a selection of titles in accordance with the collection profile of the FU Libraries.

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