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Loan periods

The loan period is usually 4 weeks, for books from the textbook collection 2 weeks and can be extended. You will see detailed information on the loan period in Primo after registration.

The loan periods will only be displayed after registration, but then they will be displayed "smart", i.e. tailored to the respective person depending on the library and usage status (daily loan, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, etc.).

Media from the textbook collections have a loan period of 2 weeks in all FU libraries. However, they can be extended (if not reserved). Reservations are possible for total loans of a title.

  Book collection      4 Weeks  

  4 x Extendable (by 4 weeks each)    

  Textbooks   2 Weeks

  4 x Extendable (by 2 weeks each)

Excluded from the loan are:

  • Journals/periodicals (scanning orders are possible)
  • Protected holdings (scan orders are possible in individual cases)
  • Dissertations/theses
  • Maps from the map collection (scans are possible in individual cases after consultation with the Earth Sciences Library)