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Reservation of a workstation

News from Jun 04, 2021

Free choice of the workplace after reservation from Monday, 08.November 2021

Our 39 workplaces are individual workstations spread over two floors. There is now a free choice of seats here. When occupying the seats that must be reserved in advance, there is an obligation to document attendance. Please scan the QR code affixed to the table with your cell phone and enter your contact details and attendance time via the electronic system a.nwesen.de (alternatively, the URL can also be entered manually on a laptop).

In addition, 8 workstations are available in two group workrooms (4 each in Zone 6 and Zone 7) These are booked directly in 2 hour time segments.

Reserve workplace now

Overview plan first floor

General plan 1st floor (Zone 6 - 7 / Pictures from: Zone 6, Zone 7)


  • Prerequisite for the use of the collections and the workplaces of the Geosciences Library is a workplace reservation and the 3G rules (Vaccinated, Convalescent, Tested) Without presentation of an appropriate document, access cannot be granted even if space is reserved.

  • Please enter the Geoscience Library in good health only (without cough and/or cold symptoms and/or fever)
  • In the building and also in the workplace, it is mandatory to cover the mouth and nose with a medical mask ("surgical mask").
  • For online booking, you must be an FU member/affiliate.
  • For external users it is possible to make a reservation by phone during the opening hours of the lending office at the phone number 030/838 70205 or our mail address: geolib@zedat.fu-berlin.de.
  • Reservations are possible up to 7 days in advance, as well as for the current day; the usage time is 6 hours on max. 4 days per week.
  • If your plans change and you are unable to use the workstation you have reserved, please cancel your reservation to allow others interested to work in the library.
  • You can log in to the booking system via your FU account. Your personal data is only visible to you and the room administrators. The data is used exclusively for contact tracing and the traceability of infection chains in the event that a case of SARS-CoV-2 infection should occur in the temporal or local context of your visit and will be deleted after four weeks. (Hinweise zum Datenschutz gemäß Art. 13 Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSGVO)

How it works ...

  1. Select the desired day and seat. The workstation numbers offered for the reservation correspond to the table numbers that you can follow on the tables or on the overview plans
  2. Click on the line with your desired start time.
  3. Fill out the form with: Your name, address and phone number.
  4. Determine the start and end time of your booking. (max. 6 hours per day)
  5. You can change or delete your booking at any time.
  6. You will receive a confirmation email from the room reservation system, which you must be sure to show at the entrance to the Geoscience Library.
  7. Please wear a mask in the library and at your workstation and keep the prescribed distance from other people.
  8. In your own interest, please clean the table before and after use. Surface disinfectants are available.

Additional information for the use of the workstations on site...

  • No registration is required for low-contact pickup of pre-ordered literature at the circulation desk. The card collection can be used again after prior registration with appointment.
  • Bags and jackets allowed in the Geoscience Library since Fall 2020! The lockers are of course still available
  • For access to the building and use of the library, the distance requirement of 1.5 meters must be observed and a mask for must be worn at all times.
  • Access and exit is in the area of the counter only in one direction (one-way system). The copy room, the elevator and the restrooms may only be entered by one person at a time with a mask.
  • We ask that you clean your workstation before using it. As far as you use a device of the library, please clean the keyboard with a cleaning cloth before starting work. Cleaning products for work surfaces and keyboards and disinfectant dispensers for hand disinfection are available.
  • To improve on-site air quality, we installed additional air filters in the Geoscience Library that detected and automatically removed pollutants such as particles, allergens, and viruses as small as 0.003 μm in real time.
  • If weather conditions (temperature, wind, precipitation) do not allow the windows to be opened permanently for cross-ventilation, the library staff will provide shock ventilation at regular intervals. Please be prepared for changeable, cool or cold weather or precipitation by wearing appropriate clothing or an extra sweater. Unfortunately, in order to enable sufficient air exchange on a regular basis, we cannot dispense with shock ventilation on days with corresponding weather conditions. We ask for your understanding for this.

  • From 18.October 2021 the Mensa in Lankwitz reopens after 18 months. Please inform yourself in each case on the pages of the Studierendenwerks Berlin
  • There is a snack and coffee machine in front of the entrance of the Geosciences Library.
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