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The Central Asian World



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This landmark book provides a comprehensive anthropological introduction to contemporary Central Asia. Established and emerging scholars of the region critically interrogate the idea of a ‘Central Asian World’ at the intersection of post-Soviet, Persianate, East and South Asian worlds. Encompassing chapters on life between Afghanistan and Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Xinjiang, this volume situates the social, political, economic, ecological and ritual diversity of Central Asia in historical context. The book ethnographically explores key areas such as the growth of Islamic finance, the remaking of urban and sacred spaces, as well as decolonizing and queering approaches to Central Asia. The volume’s discussion of More-than-Human Worlds, Everyday Economies, Material Culture, Migration and Statehood engages core analytical concerns such as globalization, inequality and postcolonialism. Far more than a survey of a ‘world region’, the volume illuminates how people in Central Asia make a life at the intersection of diverse cross-cutting currents and flows of knowledge. In so doing, it stakes out the contribution of an anthropology of and from Central Asia to broader debates within contemporary anthropology. 

This is an essential reference for anthropologists as well as for scholars from other disciplines with a focus on Central Asia


  • Alltagsökonomien
  • anthropological introduction
  • Anthropologie Zentralasiens
  • anthropologische Einführung
  • Anthropology
  • Area Studies
  • Asian Studies
  • Central Asian anthropology
  • Central Asian Culture & Society
  • Central Asian Studies
  • Central Asian, Russian & Eastern European Studies
  • contemporary Central Asia
  • cultural diversity
  • decolonization
  • Dekolonisierung
  • Everyday Economies
  • Globalisierung
  • globalization
  • inequality
  • interdisciplinary reference
  • interdisziplinäre Referenz
  • Islamic finance
  • Islamisches Finanzwesen
  • kulturelle Vielfalt
  • Migration
  • Migration
  • More-than-Human Worlds
  • post-Soviet
  • post-sowjetisch
  • Regional Anthropology
  • Social & Cultural Anthropology
  • Social Sciences
  • Übermenschliche Welten
  • Ungleichheit
  • urban and sacred spaces
  • urbane und heilige Räume
  • zeitgenössisches Zentralasien