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Regional Geology of Mount Diablo, California

its Tectonic Evolution on the North America Plate Boundary




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Mount Diablo and the geology of the Central California Coast Ranges are the subject of a volume celebrating the Northern California Geological Society’s 75th anniversary. The breadth of research illustrates the complex Mesozoic to Cenozoic tectonic evolution of the plate boundary. Recent faulting and folding along the eastern edge of the San Andreas system have exposed in the mountain a core of Franciscan accretionary wedge complex faulted against Cretaceous and Cenozoic forearc strata. The Memoir includes papers on structure, stratigraphy, tephrochronology, zircon provenance studies, apatite fission track analyses, and foraminifera and calcareous plankton assemblages tied to Cenozoic climate events. Chapters also address the history of geologic work in the area and the resource development of oil and gas, mercury, coal, and sand, and road aggregate.


  • areal geology
  • California
  • California Contra
  • Costa County
  • Mount Diablo
  • North American Plate
  • plate boundaries
  • plate tectonics
  • stratigraphic units
  • tectonics
  • United States