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Neues Patent: Carbon Dioxide Capture Method and Facility




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US20190336909A1 (United States)

A carbon dioxide capture facility is disclosed comprising packing formed as a slab, and at least one liquid source. The slab has opposed dominant faces, the opposed dominant faces being at least partially wind penetrable to allow wind to flow through the packing. The at least one liquid source is oriented to direct carbon dioxide absorbent liquid into the packing to flow through the slab. The slab is disposed in a wind flow that has a non-zero incident angle with one of the opposed dominant faces. A method of carbon dioxide capture is also disclosed. Carbon dioxide absorbing liquid is applied into packing in a series of pulses. A gas containing carbon dioxide is flowed through the packing to at least partially absorb the carbon dioxide from the gas into the carbon dioxide absorbing liquid.


  • Carbon Capture and Storage , Carbon Dioxid Removal