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Microwave radar and radiometric remote sensing



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A successor to the classic Artech House Microwave Remote Sensing series, this comprehensive and up-to-date resource previously published by University of Michigan Press provides you with theoretical models, system design and operation, and geoscientific applications of active and passive microwave remote sensing systems. To facilitate understanding and use of the material, the book includes 50 MATLAB-based computer codes and the book's website (http://mrs.eecs.umich.edu/) includes interactive modules based on theoretical and empirical models.


  • Electromagnetic Wave Propagation
  • Emission Models and Land Observations
  • Interferometric SAR
  • Introduction
  • Microwave Dielectric Properties of Natural Earth Materials
  • Microwave Interaction with Atmospheric Constituents
  • Microwave Radiometric Systems
  • Microwave Radiometry and Radiative Transfer
  • Radar Measurements and Scatterometers
  • Radar Remote Sensing of the Ocean
  • Radar Scattering
  • Radiometric Remote Sensing of the Ocean.
  • Radiometric Sounding of the Atmosphere
  • Real- and Synthetic-Aperture Side-Looking Airborne Radar
  • Remote-Sensing Antennas
  • Spaceborne Altimetry
  • Surface-Scattering Models and Land Observations
  • Volume-Scattering Models and Land Observations