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Theory, Practice and Modelling




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This book, with contributions from international landslide experts, presents in-depth knowledge of theories, practices, and modern numerical techniques for landslide analysis. Landslides are a reoccurring problem across the world and need to be properly studied for their mitigation and control. Due to increased natural and anthropogenic activities, chances of landslide occurrence and associated hazards have increased. The book focuses on landslide dynamics, mechanisms and processes along with hazard mitigation using geo-engineering, structural, geophysical and numerical tools. The book contains a wealth of the latest information on all aspects of theory, practices and modelling tools and techniques involved in prediction, prevention, monitoring, mitigation and risk analysis of landslide hazards. This book will bring the reader up to date on the latest trends in landslide studies and will help planners, engineers, scientists and researchers working on landslide engineering.


  • Early warning system and landslides
  • Environmental Geography
  • Landslide dynamics
  • Landslide monitoring and prediction Landslide hazard and mitigation
  • Landslide Risk
  • Slope stability and landslides