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Integrated Water Resources Management

Concept, Research and Implementation



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This book reviews the concept, contemporary re- search efforts and the implementation of Integra- ted Water Resources Management (IWRM). The IWRM concept was established as an internatio- nal guiding water management paradigm in the early 1990ies and has become a vital approach to solving the problems associated with the topic of water. The book summarizes fourteen compre- hensive IWRM research projects with worldwide coverage and analyses their motivations, set- tings, approaches and implementation of results. Aiming to be an up-to-date interdisciplinary scien- tific reference, this book provides a comprehensi- ve theoretical and empirical analysis of contem- porary IWRM research, examples of science ba- sed implementations and a synthesis of the les- sons learnt. It concludes with some major future challenges, the solving of which will further strengthen the IWRM concept.

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