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Geotechnical Slope Analysis

Hydrocarbon Culture and Climate Change



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This second edition of Geotechnical Slope Analysis is an updated version of the original scholarly book. In this edition, concepts and applications have been thoroughly revised. In particular, the ‘Initial Stress Approach’ has been extended to 2D problems in a more rigorous manner. Additional solved numerical examples have been added in several chapters. More importantly, the meaning of the results is explored through interpretation. 

The influence of initial stresses, pore water pressures and seismic forces has been explored not only on performance indicators such as the ‘Factor of Safety’ but also on the location of critical slip surfaces. In addition to these factors, it is shown that the chosen method of analysis may also have a significant influence on the location of the critical slip surface. Student exercises have been included in some chapters with a view to encouraging further study and research, and reference is often made to case studies of particular importance.

The best features of the book have been retained with continued emphasis on both deterministic and probabilistic approaches for quantifying slope performance. The traditional performance indicator such as ‘Factor of Safety’ can be complemented by the calculation of the ‘Reliability Index’ and the ‘Probability of Failure’. This book focuses on research studies concerning slope behaviour, the occurrence of landslides and the use of alternative methods of analysis and interpretation. The importance of uncertainties in slope performance and, more broadly, in geotechnical engineering is emphasised. 

This book will be valuable to undergraduate and senior students of civil, mining and geological engineering as well as to academic teachers and instructors and also to researchers, practising geotechnical engineers and consultants.


  • Anfangsspannungsansatz
  • Critical Slip Surface
  • Factor of Safety
  • Geotechnics
  • Geotechnik
  • Hanganalyse
  • Initial Stress Approach
  • kritische Gleitfläche
  • Numerical Examples
  • numerische Beispiele
  • Probability of Failure
  • Reliability Index
  • Seismic Forces
  • seismische Kräfte
  • Sicherheitsfaktor
  • Slope Analysis
  • Uncertainties
  • Unsicherheiten
  • Versagenswahrscheinlichkeit
  • Zuverlässigkeitsindex