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From Sovereignty to Solidarity

Rethinking Human Migration




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From Sovereignty to Solidarity seeks to re-imagine human mobility in ways that are de-linked from national sovereignty.

Using examples from around the world, the author examines contemporary practices of solidarity to illustrate what such a conceptualization of human mobility looks like. He suggests that urban and local scales, rather than the national scale, is a better way to frame human migration and belonging. The book ultimately proposes that solidarity, rather than sovereignty, offers an alternative approach to imagine how human mobility should, and already does, occur.

This book will be relevant to upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in disciplines such as Migration Studies, Urban Studies, Human and Political Geography, and Refugee Studies. It is also relevant to researchers, development workers and human rights/environmental activists, and other intellectual practitioners.

Part I: Sovereignty.  1.Migration Controls in the Westphalian Era.  2.The Enactment of Sovereignty in the USA.  Part II: Solidarity.  3.Solidarity in the Migration and Refugee Literature.  4.Migrant Solidarities and the Politics of Place.  Part III: Rethinking Migration and Belonging.  5.Urban Migrant and Refugee Solidarity.  6.Solidarities Within and Beyond City Limits

Kapitel 5 "Urban migrant and refugee solidarity" ist Open Access verfügbar


  • Development Geography
  • Geographical Thought
  • Human Geography
  • Immigration Policy
  • Migration
  • Migration & Diaspora
  • Political Geography
  • Population Geography
  • Regional Geography - Human Geography