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Competing Climate Cultures in Germany

Variations in the Collective Denying of Responsibility and Efficacy



Link zum Volltext (Open Access, Verfügbar ab 27.März 2024)

Despite frequent protests and abounding discussions about the subject, climate action measures to counter human-made climate change have so far remained largely ineffective. By identifying profound climate-cultural differences, Sarah Kessler offers an explanation to this issue and shows that conventional assumptions of an implicit consensus on the need to prioritise climate action should be reconsidered. She uncovers climate-cultural variations in (implicit and explicit) denial of climate change and thus challenges existing approaches that treat the German public as a unified entity waiting to be activated by the right kind of rationally convincing information.

Sarah Kessler, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Österreich



  • Nachhaltigkeit, Klima, Deutschland