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CT Scanning of Carbonate Reservoirs

A Color Atlas



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The Computed Tomography (CT) scanning of carbonate reservoirs is a non-destructive method used to obtain valuable information from reservoir rocks. This concise book covers all aspects of CT image analysis and their interpretation. It is focused on the CT scanned images and the data gathered from various carbonate reservoirs with different ages, from Paleozoic to Tertiary, and with different textures, degrees of heterogeneity, facies types, diagenetic impacts, fossil contents, sedimentary structures, reservoir quality, and fracturing. Numerous high-resolution images illustrate various aspects of carbonate rock properties and are suitable for analysis by both professionals and students.

  • Provides the first specialized atlas about core CT scanned image description and explanation
  • Contains supplementary data from various sources, such as image logs, core, and thin section photos and petrophysical measurements
  • Includes original CT images from different reservoirs
  • Covers both research and industrial aspects of core CT scanning and it is useful for comparing CT scanned images
  • Uses original images and reservoir data gathered by the author


  • Bildanalyse
  • Carbonate Reservoirs
  • Computed Tomography
  • Computertomographie
  • Data Interpretation
  • Dateninterpretation
  • Diagenetic Impacts
  • Diagenetische Einflüsse
  • Facies Types
  • Fazientypen
  • Fossil Contents
  • Fossilinhalt
  • Fracturing
  • Frakturen
  • Heterogeneity
  • Heterogenität
  • Image Analysis
  • Karbonatreservoirs
  • Non-Destructive Method
  • Reservoir Quality
  • Reservoirqualität
  • Sedimentary Structures
  • Sedimentstrukturen
  • zerstörungsfreie Methode