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Applied Atmospheric Dynamics

Amanda H. Lynch and John J. Cassano




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The weather can be a cause of disruption, despair and even danger everywhere around the world at one time or another. Even when benign it is a source of constant fascination. Applied Atmospheric Dynamics connects this interest with the theoretic underpinnings of fluid dynamics; linking real physical events as diverse as Hurricane Katrina and the strong katabatic winds of Antarctica, with quantitative conceptual models of atmospheric behaviour.
Assuming only basic calculus the book provides a physical basis for understanding atmospheric motions around the globe as well as detailing the advances that have led to a greater understanding of weather and climate.
The accompanying supplementary cd-rom features colour graphics, maps, databases, animations, project materials, as well as weather data tips.
* covers the standard theoretical principles of atmospheric dynamics and applies the theory to global real world examples;
* assumes only non-vector based calculus;
* features supplementary cd-rom with electronic versions of all figures, case study data and possible term projects;
* an invaluable text for students of Meteorology, Atmospheric Science, Geography and Environmental Science.


  • Allgemeine atmosphärische Zirkulation
  • Atmospheric physics
  • Dynamics
  • Mathematik