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Airborne Circularly Polarized SAR

Theory, System Design, Hardware Implementation, and Applications (SAR Remote Sensing)



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A comprehensive resource on airborne synthetic aperture radar (SAR) systems, Airborne Circularly Polarized SARexplains the theory, system design, hardware and software, and applications of airborne circularly polarized SAR in environmental monitoring and other uses. Readers learn how to build the hardware and software of circularly polarized SAR, the antenna system, and how to generate point target responses and images using the range doppler algorithm (RDA) from raw signal data. The book discusses applications and analyzing techniques using a circularly polarized SAR system and image processing. Images and MATLAB® codes are provided to help professionals and researchers with their applications and future studies. 


  1. Provides the theory of circularly polarized wave and polarimetry related to system design, scattering analysis, polarimetric SAR, and applications in microwave remote sensing
  2. Explains the real radio frequency (RF) system and the original antenna, including circuit explanation and know-how of measurement technique to adjust to the required parameter in system design
  3. Discusses the technique of ground test and flight mission to calibrate and validate the performance of airborne circularly polarized SAR
  4. Highlights image signal processing with MATLAB codes and how to obtain a single look complex (SLC) image for further applications
  5. Includes several applications of airborne circularly polarized SAR from international leading experts

This book is beneficial to professionals, researchers, academics, and graduate students from disciplines such as Electronic Engineering; Radar Systems; Aerospace Engineering; Signal Processing; Image Processing; Environmental Remote Sensing.


  • Airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar
  • Airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar
  • Antenna System
  • Antennensystem
  • Anwendungen
  • Applications
  • Bildverarbeitung
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Hardware and Software
  • Hardware und Software
  • Image Processing
  • MATLAB Codes
  • Microwave Remote Sensing
  • Mikrowellenfernerkundung
  • Point Target Responses
  • Punktzielantworten
  • Range Doppler Algorithm
  • Range Doppler Algorithmus
  • System Design
  • Systemdesign
  • Theorie
  • Theory
  • Umweltüberwachung