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Where can I print, copy and scan ?

You can print and copy in the computer lab in House L on Campus Lankwitz for a small fee. Copy machines can also be found in the "Earth Sciences Library"  (house "O", Entrance house "G") and in copy shops nearby.In addition, you can print at the ZEDAT (university computer center of Freie Universität Berlin) at Campus Dahlem.

To print, copy or scan you need a "MensaCard".

(The card can be purchased directly in the student cafeteria which is called "Mensa" at German universities)



  • A4 print (from notebook, thin client) (black and white, A4, white 80g) 0,05 €
  • A4 copy (black and white, A4, white 80g) 0,05 €
  • Color copy / print color (Color, A4, white 80g) € 0.30
  • Scan to USB Memory Drive A5 - A3 (from the scanner or multifunction device; color or black and white) € 0.04
Note: The MensaCard need for an order a minimum balance of € 1.20 have, otherwise you get an error message when copying.