Dirk Bonse

Bildquelle: J. Evers

ehemaliger Mitarbeiter

E-Mail bonse@zedat.fu-berlin.de
Scientific Interests
  • Aquatic Ecology
  • Underwater Surveying and Mapping
  • 3D Reconstruction of Sessile Aquatic Organisms and Reefs
  • Freshwater Sponges
  • Phylogeny and Evolution of Sponges

Curriculum vitae
  • Born May 16th, 1969 near Aachen/Germany
  • Diploma in Geography, Geology and Statistics in 2000
  • Scientific Diver – certified by the German Professional Organisation for Civil Engineering (Berufsgenossenschaft Tiefbau), since 2000 updated yearly
  • Engineering contract with the German Federal Institute of Hydrology (2000-2001)
  • Scientific employee within the DFG-sponsored Project “Paleo-Ecologic Development in Ancient Lakes – Reconstruction by Means of Present Sponge Socialisations” (2001-2003)
  • Scientific Diver, Technical Assistant at the German Federal Nature Conservation Agency (2003-2006)
  • Since 2007: Freelancing as a scientific and business consultant

Publications and Presentations (December 2007)
  • Bonse, D.; Itskovics, V.; Janussen, D.; Korduan, P.; Masuda, Y.; Meixner, M.; Weinberg, E.: Evolutionary ecology of the endemic Poriferan family Lubomirskiidae and the reconstruction of the palaeoecological development in Lake Baikal based on sponge associations. In: Bollettino Dei Musei e Degli Istituti Biologici, Universitá di Genova(Eds.): VI International Sponge Conference : Book of Abstracts. 66-67. Rapallo, October 5, 2002. , 30 – 31
  • Bonse, Dirk; Korduan, Peter: Recent distribution patterns of Lubomirskiidae in Lake Baikal: Methods to survey sessile aquatic organisms in diveable depths. In: Limnological institute SD RAS and Baikal Museum SD RAS (Eds.): Third International Symposium: Series of the International Symposiums: Speciation In Ancient Lakes (SIAL). Venue: Irkutsk, Russia, September 2-7, 2002.
  • Weinberg, I., Glyzina, O.; Weinberg, E.; Kratsova, L.; Sheveleva, N.; Latyshev, N.; Bonse, D.; Janussen, D.: Interaction between the Baikalian Sponges and their Inhabitants. In: Bollettino Dei Musei e Degli Istituti Biologici, Universitá di Genoa(Hrsg.): VI International Sponge Conference : Book of Abstracts. 66-67. Rapallo, October 5, 2002.
  • Bonse, D.; Janussen, D.; Meixner, M.; Eckert, C.: The reconstruction of paleoecological development in Lake Baikal based on recent and fossil sponge associations and their evolutionary development. In: Mischke, S.; Wünnemann, B.; Riedel, F. (Eds.): International Symposium Environmental Change in Central Asia (March 10-15 2003). Berliner paläobiologische Abhandlungen Bd. 2
  • 10.02.2003: „Scientific Diving in Lake Baikal“. Oral Presentation at the Scientific Diver Symposium Oldenburg, GER
  • 21.02.2003: Broadcast-Interview in „Logo - das Wissenschaftsmagazin“, NDR4/Germany
  • 10.06.2003: Broadcast-Interview in „Forschung aktuell“, DLF/Germany
  • Weinberg, I.; Glyzina, O.; Weinberg, E.; Kravtsova, L.; Rozhkova, N.; Sheveleva, N.;  Natyaganova, A.; Bonse, D. & Janussen, D. : Types of interactions in consortia of Baikalian Sponges. Boll. Mus. Ist. Biol. Univ. Genova, 68: 655-663, 2003 (2004). 655.
  • 30.10.2007: Map Africa 2007, Capetown/South Africa: New Developments for Compact Digital Aerial Survey Cameras and Implications on the Performance of Surveying Tasks During Infrastructural Projects.