Dr. Silvia Favaro

Date of birth 16 November 1984
Place of birth Genoa, Italy
Citizenship Italian


·         Italian (mother tongue)

·         English (oral and written)

·         German (basic)

·         French (basic)

University education

05/2010 - today Start of the Ph. D fellow fellowship at the Freie Universität Berlin (Germany) – Department of Tektonik und Sedimentäre Geologie

Thesis advisors: Prof. Mark R. Handy, Ralf Schuster 

09/2006 – 10/2009 M.Sc. degree in Geology and Applied Geology, University of Padua, Padua, ItalyThesis: Ductile deformation of quartz mylonite within Lake Edison granodiorite (Bear Creek, Sierra Nevada, California): microstructure and crystallographic preferred orientation (CPO). (Abstract PDF) 

Thesis advisor: Prof. Giorgio Pennacchioni. 

09/2003 – 10/2006 B.Sc. degree in Geological Sciences, University of Padua, Padua, Italy.Thesis: Tectonic evolution of HHC in the region Sikkim – Kungchenzonga (India).Thesis advisor: Prof. Dario Visonà

Research interests

My broad research interests lie in the fascinating and complex array of processes governing the dynamic and tectonic of the Earth`s crust. I enjoy looking at the Earth’s system from a global and multi-disciplinary perspective, trying to tease out the key relationships and processes between components, guided by field observations and sample analysis. My research has focused on:

(1) Plate tectonics, structural geology, mountain building;

(2) Constrain T, P conditions of nappe or batholiths using geo-thermometer;

(3) Deformation processes that involved granitic rocks resulting from intrusion of other plutons or from regional stresses and fault;

(4) Evolution of crystallographic preferred orientation into Quartz-mylonite as T proxy in natural Qtz-vein samples.My researches combine several field observations, analytical studies of rocks with computer integrated analysis method and image analysis, petrological experiments and the editing geological map.


1.          Favaro, S., Schuster, R., Scharf, A., Hawemann, F., Gipper, P., Handy,M.R., Oberhänsli, R., 2013. Development of nappe stacking in the eastern Tauern Window with special attention to new Rb/Sr biotite and Ar/Ar white mica ages, and peak-temperature data. 11th Alpine Workshop “Emile Argand Conference”, Schladming, Austria.  pdf

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1.  Scharf A., Handy M. R., Favaro S., Schmid S. M., Bertrand A. (2013).Modes of orogen-parallel stretching and extensional exhumation in response to microplate indentation and roll-back subduction (Tauern Window, Eastern Alps). Int J Earth Sci, 1437-3254.

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