Prof. Dr. Christoph Heubeck



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2000 - 2014


Professor (C3) of Geology (Sedimentary Geology), Freie Universität Berlin

Teaching courses related to the sedimentary rock record, including Introductory Geosciences, Earth Systems, Sedimentary Petrography, Facies Analysis, Depositional Systerms, Mapping classes, Petroleum Geology, International Field Trips, Earth History, Tectonics of Sedimentary Basins etc.

Involvement in administration, including Associate Dean for Teaching of the Earth Sciences, Head of Department etc.

Research projects in Chile, Bolivia, South Africa, Kazakhstan, and China.

Sabbatical semesters in Antofagasta and Santiago/Chile, Nanjing/China, Stellenbosch/South Africa.



Staff Geologist, BP Amoco Canada, Calgary / Alberta: Exploration in the Rocky Mountains foothills for gas in thrusted anticlines



Senior Petrophysicist, Amoco Research Technology Center, Tulsa, OK: Participant in the one-year "Petrophysics Program" training course. Reservoir analysis of Appleton and Fulmar Fields, Central North Sea, UK: Geological and geophysical reservoir characterisation using core, log and seismic data. Generation of a field model and development strategy recommendations.



Senior Geologist, Amoco Orient Production Company, Houston, Texas: Assigned to the Liuhua Field Asset Team, a shallow carbonate oil field offshore Hongkong (PRC): Planning and execution of the development wells (topset horizontal wells); well sitting; detailed reservoir description; contribution to updated reservoir model .



Regional Studies Group, Amoco Exploration, Houston, Texas: Regional stratigraphic and structural framework of central Asia with focus on the Tarim basin in western China; collaboration with Chinese partner institutions; contributiong to a regional understanding of the basin evolution, in particular from a petroleum-systems perspective. Participation in a reconnaisssance field trip to western China.

Analysis of Iraq's remaining petroleum potential. Database development

Contribution to regional studies worldwide by contributing computer-generated plate-tectonic base maps and plate-tectonic reconstructions



Ph.D. student at Stanford University. Research in the Archean Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa



M.A. (Geology), University of Texas at Austin: Geology of the Southeastern Termination of the Cordillera Central, Dominican Republic, Greater Antilles. (Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, Structure/Tectonics; significant field mapping). A large part of the thesis work was done at the Institute for Geophysics, UT Austin



Undergraduate Student, Würzburg University (interrupted by military service)