Moslem Mishmastnehi


Arbeitsbereich Mineralogie-Petrologie

Adresse Malteserstr. 74-100
Raum T 102
12249 Berlin
Telefon 030 - 838 708 37
Fax 030 - 838 470 837

Research interests

I am interested in Archaeometry of inorganic-nonmetallic cultural materials. I like the application of scientific methods to investigate the archaeological and historical materials and their technologies. Previously I was working as a restorer and more recently I have focused particularly on Archaeomineralogy.



2006-2009: Lecturer in the field of “Conservation of Cultural Heritage” in Faculty of Art and Architectural, Zabol University, Iran, Zabol.

2003-2012: Conservator and restorer in different Cultural Heritage sites in Iran such as Persepolis, Meybod , Kuh-e Khwaja and Qazvin.



 2012 –now:   Ph.D Candidate on archaeology at Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Thesis Title: Technical and Archaeological Studies of Persian windmills and their millstones in Eastern Iran

 2004-2006:   M.A., Conservation and Restoration of Cultural and Historic Properties, Art University of Isfahan, Iran.

Thesis Title: Methodological Analysis, Conservational condition and Pathology Modeling of Stucco from Kuh-i Khaje, Sistan (Iran)

2000-2004:   B.A., Conservation and Restoration of Historic Properties, Art University of Isfahan, Iran



2012-now: DAAD scholarship as a PhD student at Freie Universität Berin, Germany


Publications and conferences

Mishmastnehi, M; (2015). Conservation Policy on Ᾱsbāds (Persian Windmills) Based on Archaeological Categorization. 14th TIMS (The International Molinological Society) Symposium in Sibiu, Romania.


Mishmastnehi, M; Holakooei, P; (2015). Technological Study of the Gilded Haft-rang Tiles of Imamzadih Ismail Tomb in Qazvin, Iran. Heritage science.


Holakooei, P, Mishmastnehi, M., Vaccaro, C., Petrucci, F; (2011). Contemporaneous Persian Haft Rangi Tiles in Iran from Technical View. Associazione Italiana di Archeometria , Uuniversity of Ferrara.