Dipl.-Geogr. Elisabeth Dietze

Higher lake stands at Lake Donggi Cona, NE Tibetan Plateau, China

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

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Raum H037
12249 Berlin
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E-Mail elisabeth.dietze@fu-berlin.de


Poster award  Nature Geoscience bei der INQUA 2011 in Bern

INQUA 2011 Nature Geoscience Poster Award für Dietze et al.: Higher lake stands

of Lake Donggi Cona - combining geomorphological and sedimentological approaches.                   




2000-2007    Study of geography, forestal ecology and political sciences at Technical University Dresden

Lohrmann-Medal of TU Dresden (for Faculty Forest, Geo, Hydro Sciences)

2007 Scientific coworker at Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Bern University and PSI, Villigen, Switzerland
2007-2008  Scientific coworker at Institute of Geography, Chair of Geoecology, TU Dresden
since Aug. 2008 Scientific coworker at Institute of Geographical Sciences and Interdisciplinary Center of Ecosystem Dynamics of Central Asia (EDCA), FU Berlin


Diploma thesis: Das Regionalklima und die Isotopensignale von Eisbohrkernen der subtropischen Anden in Normal- und ENSO-Zeiten (Regional climate and isotopic signals in ice cores from the subtropical Andes, during "normal" and ENSO-periods - pdf)

PhD project: Late Quaternary lake level changes at Donggi Cona and Lake Ayakhum, (north)eastern Tibetan Plateau (see project)