living labs
The Manafwa subcatchment in western Uganda

The Manafwa subcatchment in Uganda

The Manafwa subcatchment upstream of Mbale City is the living laboratory of the project “IWM for Urban Water Security” in Uganda. The population faces the challenges of limited access to drinking water and poor water quality; risks are landslides and heavy rainfalls as well as a decline of the base flow.

Living laboratoriy in Cameroon

The Upper Mefou sub-catchment

The Upper Mefou Sub-catchment in the neightboorhood of Cameroon's captial Yaoundé at the border between the city and rural ares. There is the challenge to cope with diverse demands, livelihoods, water and land uses and human–environement interactions.

Living laboratory in South Africa

The Krom-Antonies catchment

The Krom Antonies sub-catchment is the living lab of the IWM R&D CB-project in South Africa. It is located in the semi-arid Sandveld region in Western Cape. Irrigation farming and water conflicts are the main challenge in the catchment.

Living lab in Kenya

The Thiririka catchment

The Thiririka sub-catchment in Kenya is located in vicinity of Nairobi. Soil erosion, water pollution, urbanisation downstream and rural exodus in the headwater areas are the main problems in the catchment.

Kara-Suu and the headwater areas of the Ükök river in the background

The Ükök river catchment in Kryrgyzstan

The Ükök catchment has two main resources: Water, which is used for household supply and irrigated farming, fed my melting glaciers. And pastures, which are the basis of the animal husbandry and the livelihoods of the locals.