Water recycling

Water recycling and reuse is part of common settings for water saving in developed countries. The above shown figure demonstrates typical options for water recycling and/or reuse:

  1. direct industrial reuse
  2. in-stream flow augmentation
  3. direct agricultural use
  4. groundwater recharge
  5. urban use
  6. indirect potable reuse from river
  7. indirect potable reuse from well
  8. indirect agricultural reuse

All kind of water recycling must underlay the generally the same treatment process as displayed above. Same treatment processes can be of different execution from pure biological to pure chemical. However, type of used treatment processes is very much depending on the size of the treatment plant and of type of incoming waste water.

Ecological benefits:

  • mimics an ecological process
  • clean water entering watershed
  • restore groundwater aquifers

Financial benefits:

  • infrastructure cost savings
  • energy inputs are minimal
  • easy maintenance