Integrated Watershed Management – a tool for Urban Water Security in Uganda

A training workshop on “Integrated Watershed Management – as a tool for Urban Water Security” was held in Mbale, east Uganda from March 10th to 16th, 2014. The workshop is part of the project "Integrated Watershed Management for Urban Water Security", funded by DAAD and co-financed by GIZ-RUWASS.

The targets of the training workshop are the following:

  • Common understanding of the workshop approach and methodology
  • Common understanding of the terminology „Integrated Watershed Management“ (IWM), „Integrated Water Resources Management“ and „Urban Water Security" (UWS)
  • Assessing relation between IWM and UWS
  • Booklet draft on IWM for UWS

The workshop was composed of the following presentations, group works, discussions and fieldwork.

  • Presentations: Introduction to the project; IWM for UWS and the water sector of Uganda; current status of urban water supply and water resource management in Mbale; water supply challenges, local demands and future management options
  • Group works: The relation of IWM and UWS; reflection about the incorporation of resource management into the current system of Mbale City and the Manafwa subcatchment; examples from Africa and Europe
  • Fieldwork: Observations; household interviews; a focus group discussion in the Manafwa subcatchment.

The main findings and recommendations of the workshop you can find