Hans Ertel Centre

Hans Ertel Centre for Weather Research - Optimal Application of Weather Forecast Branch


The Hans Ertel Centre for Weather Research (HErZ) programme was initiated by the Scientific Advisory Board of the Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) to enhance research in the field of weather forecasting at German universities and non-university institutions and within the DWD. The aim to better co-ordinate the wide variety of atmospheric research activities in Germany and to direct the focus onto the areas that are relevant to weather forecasting is the Board's reaction to the suggestions made by the German Council of Science and Humanities in its report on the Deutscher Wetterdienst. The DWD is considered therein as the natural and central institution to approach – in synergy with the concerned university and non-university institutes or institutions – fundamental, highly topical problems in the field of atmosphere and climate research at an internationally recognised level. Sustainable mobilisation of such synergies, however, calls for a co-ordinated research strategy between the partners as well as for structural changes.


The topics of research are:

TB-1: Atmospheric dynamics and their predictability

TB-2: Data assimilation

TB-3: Model development

TB-4: Climate monitoring and diagnostics

TB-5: Optimal Application of Weather Forecast



Administrative Office of the Hans Ertel Centre for Weather Research

        Geschäftsstelle Hans-Ertel-Zentrum
        Frankfurter Straße 135
        63067 Offenbach
        phone: 069 8062 2714
        e-mail: fepk@dwd.de