Studies & Teaching

Information for Students

General information for students of the Institute for Meteorolgy can be found here. If you are looking for the actual study course guide, studies and examination regulations or tips and tricks for the everyday life of a student. Then you will find it here!

Study Counsiling

For students or any who want to become a student, it is important to have the right contact person for any queries. First of all, there is the general study council of the FU Berlin, which deals with general questions regarding your studies. On the Institutes level, there is specilised counciling of Professors and Lectures, who will help you with subject specific questions and contents of your studies. Additionally at the Institute there is also Mentors who will help you with any questions regarding your first semester and everyday life as a student, quite often the best and the first contact point at the University.

Information for Interested Persons

You are looking for information about a Bachelor Programme at the Insitute of Meteorolgy, as well as important information about applying and enrollment? Then this is the right place.


Here you will find information about courses at the Institute for Meteorolgy. Which lecturer will teach what course. Which working group is offering at the moment Diploma thesis. Is there any information about future courses.


Many course are already using the possibility of digital support and are using the format of lectures, exercises and seminars. For e-Learning offers of the Institute for Meteorology see here.