What is TrUmF?


The Tropospheric Environmental Research (TrUmF after the German name, Troposphärische UmweltForschung) working group is part of the General Meteorology program at the Institute of Meteorology at Freie Universität Berlin. This working group deals with

  • Short-term forecasts of pollution, especially of ozone, in Europe
  • Model-based analysis of long-term pollution
  • Specific problems in climate variability and climate change
  • Meteorological consulting

A major part of the working group’s work is application-related and takes place in real time. Along with its involvement in teaching activities, the group also works on a number of different research and development projects funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the EU, the German Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt), and various state environmental agencies and research institutions.

Next to his Visiting Professorship at Freie Universität Berlin in the working group TrUmF at the Institute of Meteorology, Prof. Martijn Schaap works at TNO in Utrecht (NL) in the working group "Climate, Air and Sustainability" (CAS). Therefore a close collaboration with the working group CAS at TNO exists, especially within joint projects on the application and development of the chemistry transport model LOTOS-EUROS.