In preparation

H. W. Rust, M. Fischer, T. Kruschke, U.  Ulbrich: Verifying decadal air temperature predictions against various reanalyses (to be submitted to Meteorol. Z.)

H. W. Rust, B. Schyska, T. Kruschke, U. Ulbrich: A new framework for the qualitative description of spatial cyclone distrubution (to be submitted to Tellus)

I. Kröner, M. Donat, H. W. Rust: Drift Adjustment for Extreme Temperature Threshold Exceedances in Decadal Climate Predictions (to be submitted to JGR)


     N. Otero, J. Silmann, K. A. Mar, H. W. Rust, et al.: A multi-model comparison of meteorological drivers of surface ozone over Europe. submitted to Atmos. Chem. Phys.

     K. Fackeldey, P. Koltai, P. Névir, H. W. Rust, A. Schild, M. Weber: From Metastable to Coherent Sets – time-discretization schemes. submitted to Multiscale Modelling and Simulation


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Published in peer-reviewed journals


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farima - Software package farima for the environment for statistical computing R: Algorithms and tools for parameter estimation and model selection for long-memory processes. H. W. Rust, 2007

gaussDiff (also available on CRAN) - Software package gaussDiff for the environment for statistical computing R: A set of difference measures for multivariate Gaussian probability distributions. H. W. Rust, 2007

IDF: Estimation and Plotting of IDF Curves (also available on CRAN) -  Christoph Ritschel, Carola Detring, Sarah Joedicke

BLRPM: Stochastic Rainfall Generator Bartlett-Lewis Rectangular Pulse Model (also available on CRAN) - Christoph Ritschel