Cooperations and Guest Scientists

The Planetary Sciences and Remote Sensing Group is collaborating with different national and international institutions. The following list presents selected cooperations:

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Russian Academy of Sciences
Moscow, Russia

Prof. Dr. Alexander Bazilevsky

E-Mail: atbas[at]
Homepage: Vernadsky-Institut

• HRSC Co-Investigator
• Research: lunar cataclysm and geology, Mars' moon Phobos
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SETI Institute: Carl Sagan Center
for the Study of Life in the Universe
Mountain View, CA, US

NASA Ames: Space Science & Astrobiology Divison
Moffett Field, CA, US

Dr. Janice Bishop

E-Mail: jbishop[at]
Homepages: SETI-Institute and NASA Ames Research Center

• Helmholtz International Fellow 2012
• CRISM Co-Investigator
• Research: mineralogy of Mars, Earth analog studies, spectroscopy, exobiology
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Planetary Science Institute (PSI)
Tucson, Arizona, US

Dr. Mary G. Chapman

E-Mail: mchapman[at]
Homepage: Planetary Science Institute

• HRSC Co-Investigator
• Research: geology of Mars, Earth analog studies, volcano-ice interaction
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Department of Geology
Bryn Mawr, PA, US

Dr. Selby Cull

E-Mail: scull[at]
Homepage: Bryn Mawr College

• Research: geochemistry and mineralogy of Mars, water-ice interactions
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Russian Academie of Sciences (RAS)
Moscow, Russia

Prof. Dr. Boris A. Ivanov

E-Mail: baivanov[at]
Homepage: Institute of Geosphere Dynamics

• HRSC Co-Investigator
• Research: impact dynamics and scaling laws
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Astrogeology Science Center
Flagstaff, AZ, US

Dr. Kenneth L. Tanaka

E-Mail: ktanaka[at]
Homepage: USGS Astrogeology Science Center

• PI NASA PGG project "New Global Geologic Map of Mars, Part 2"
• PI NASA PGG proposal "Geologic history of the Valles Marineris Region, Mars"
• Research: geologic mapping of Mars
Dr. Randolph L. Kirk

E-Mail: rkirk[at]
Homepage: USGS Astrogeology Science Center

• HRSC Co-Investigator
• Research: photogrammetric techniques, photoclinometry and radarclinometry
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