PHASE Report Collage 2012

PHASE research project

Prof. Dr. Serge Shapiro

The PHASE research project is committed to improve the understanding of the physics of fluid induced microseismicity, to establish physical fundamentals for microseismic monitoring and to further develop the seismicity based reservoir characterization approach.

Maintenance of the seismometer-network


Prof. Dr. Serge Shapiro, Dr. Jörn Kummerow, Dr. Peter Wigger

In the Chile-Project, we use seismological data to investigate the subduction process and related phenomena. The Atacama Desert serves us as a natural laboratory that yields exellent conditions for such studies. The results we obtain are not only valid for this regions, but can to some extend be transfered to subduction zones around the world.

MeProRisk II

Prof. Dr. Serge Shapiro, Dr. Jörn Kummerow

Dieses Vorhaben soll dazu beitragen, das geothermische Potential des Untergrundes effizient und risikofrei für die Energiegewinnung zu nutzen. Bereits existierende mikroseismische Verfahren werden schon während der Planungsphase geothermischer Projekte angewandt, um den Nutzen und die Anwendbarkeit der Methoden während der Durchführung der Projekte bewerten zu können.

Microseismic Activity of Geothermal Systems [MAGS]

Prof. Dr. Serge Shapiro

The further development of geothermal systems has recently been affected by the occurrence of perceptible earthquakes which led to concern by the local population. For the public acceptance of deep geothermal energy it is vital to give a clear scientific statement whether the seismicity will stay limited to micro-earthquakes or if the induced events might pose a risk for humans and/or infrastructure. Within the framework of the BMU funded project MAGS concepts will be elaborated how to limit ...