Sedimentary Systems

AG - Seminar

Source to sink:

Environmental signal propagation through sedimentary systems

How do we read sedimentary archives?

Environmental forcings (such as climatic variations, earthquakes, uplift events…) can create sediment-supply signals that propagate through complex sediment-routing systems. At the terminus of this source-to-sink sediment transfer, the strata archived in sedimentary sinks record signals of external environmental forcings, as well as internal dynamics of the sedimentary system.
In this seminar, we will explore the recent literature on this interdisciplinary subject, ranging from the generation of sediment-supply signals in the source area to the creation of the stratigraphic record in the areas of long-term sediment storage, the sinks. The time scales of interest range from single events to geologic deep time with the focus on the central question:
“How do we read sedimentary archives?”

SC001 Geowissenschaftliche Themen
B139 Seminarraum Geologie
Tuesday 15:00-17:00 , Instructor Prof. Dr. Anne Bernhardt