Petroleum Geoscience


The Module "Petroleum Geology" consists of lectures, exercises, and a field trip. It is usually offered every other year during the summer semester. The course content adds to the Department's "System Earth" theme by adding an applied perspective to a core geological field. The "System Earth " approach is followed by considering the interaction between fluids, rocks, and pores spaces and by placing them in a societal and engineering context.

In addition, the course attempts to bridge from the pure academic field of sedimentary petrology and facies analysis to the applied engineering aspects of development and production.

The course strives to teach concepts, often conveyed by examples. A special emphasis will be placed on the growing need for engineers and scientists to integrate skills in petroleum engineering, geophysics, and geology in the search for hydrocarbons. The course is recommended for students interested in applied geology, whether petroleum or hydrogeology.

I teach this course in English for the following reasons: (1) My experience with petroleum geology comes from the American sector of the industry; (2) most petroleum industry engineering and scientific terms and virtually all literature are/is in English; (3) you are likely to later communicate this knowledge in English because you will likely work in an international context. However, please feel free to speak up and ask questions in German (or Spanish) anytime.


This class is designed for the advanced undergraduate and graduate student. Knowledge of sedimentary rocks (thin section petrography, facies concept, depositional environments etc.), mineralogy, structure and tectonics (folds, faults, plate tectonics), physics (mechanics, hydraulics), and chemistry (anorganic, organic) is a prerequisite.



This link leads to black-and-white pdf-summaries of the ppt-lectures. They are meant as note-taking support for the lecture but will not replace the assigned reading. If you would like to obtain access to the full color ppt files, please let me know or log onto Blackboard.

Labs / Exercises / Homework

The exercises will be a mix of experiments, demonstrations, calculations, and map assignments. Please bring a calculator, pencils, eraser and paper to each exercise. Labwork never counts for credit because it is meant for you to explore and be curious. The weekly homework assignments, however, will be graded for credit.

Field Trip

We will have a four- or five-day field trip to study petroleum / gas-relevant sites in northern Germany. Details will be announced in class. This site has same pictures of previous years.



The"Petroleum Geology" website migrated to the Learning Management System "Blackboard" in Spring 2005. The contents shown here, in particular the class structure and individual assignments, are therefore not longer up-to-date. FU-registered students should log in to Blackboard and self-register for the course. Others should contact me directly per e-mail.