Inkaba ye Africa in Lankwitz am 29.11.2012

About 35 students from half a dozen South African geoscience departments who were participating in the Inkaba conference in Potsdam visited the GeoCampus Lankwitz on Thursday, Nov. 29, 2012. After an introduction and the obligatory group photo, the group was split up and sent on a full-day 10-station tour of the campus facilities, with a focus in the sedimentary section of the Department of Geological Sciences but also including facilities in paleontology, planetology, the geolibrary, and the experimental flume of the Geography Department. Interest was extremely high, and our student representatives were peppered with questions not only about the instruments and laboratories but also about admission and our degree programs. The visit ended on a social note in the GeoCafe with a table soccer tournament. The entire visit was organized by our students who proved again to be extremely capable, cheerful, and full of initiative. Unsurprisingly, the visit left deep impressions with the South African students who commented favorably not only back to us but also to their own South African mentors.